The Deep Web and the Darknet. What is it? Who goes there?

Teslasuit: The ‘Teslasuit,’ a wireless suit created by a UK based company, claims that their invention can allow users to feel sensations in the virtual world. If the prototype is brought to the market, it could revolutionize the world of entertainment.

The tiny Earin Bluetooth wireless stereo earbuds deliver big, rich sound by using unique speaker technology and shapeable foam tips that fit snugly in the ear canal. An app lets users tweak bass and balance and monitor battery status. The charging capsule

By the end of this decade, the world will be a more deeply and intimately connected place, with an estimated 7.3 billion smartphones, tablets and PCs, according to Gartner. And the Internet of Things will expand at an even more rapid rate–to 26 billion connected devices around the globe by […]